Biden will reduce eligibility for $ 1,400 – telemundo El Paso (48)

Sources confirmed that President Joe Biden has agreed to reduce the eligibility of people who will receive a check for $ 1,400 as part of the new stimulus package of $ 1.9 billion. NBC News.

Individuals who recently filed in taxes as bachelors and had an income above $ 80,000 will now not be eligible for any direct payment, compared to the original income threshold of over $ 100,000.

Those whose earnings are less than $ 75,000 in 2020 will receive a full payment of $ 1,400, while those with earnings greater than $ 75,000 but less than $ 80,000 will receive a check for $ 700.

For spouses who filed joint tax returns, the ceiling for receiving government checks is now a combined income of less than $ 160,000, compared to the previous limit of $ 200,000 in the original plan.

Couples with a combined income of less than $ 160,000 in 2020 will receive a check for $ 1,400, while spouses with an income of less than $ 150,000 will receive a full direct payment of $ 2,800 ($ 1,400 each).

Biden was agreeing to approve these changes in an effort to secure passage of the bill in the Senate. Currently, the White House has not officially released this information.

Here are the main topics of the bill.

Some Democratic senators, including Joe Mansheen and Jane Shaheen, are in favor of tougher restrictions on stimulus controls. Their votes are crucial for the Democrats to win a 50-50 draw in the Senate and enforce a tie breaker through Vice President Kamala Harris.

No changes are expected to the federal unemployment aid of $ 400 per week as part of the plan.

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