The UK will contribute gas turbines to the decentralization of the electricity sector in Ukraine

Kyiv, May 3 (EVI).- The UK will contribute gas turbines, cogeneration technologies and mobile generators so that Kiev can counter the consequences of Russian attacks on its energy infrastructure and decentralize the Ukrainian electricity generation system to do so with less vulnerability.

“We are actively decentralizing our electricity system, and to do this we need more gas turbines, cogeneration equipment and mobile generators,” Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal announced today after meeting in Kiev with British Foreign Secretary David Cameron. United kingdom”.

In a statement published last night, the British Foreign Office announced Cameron’s visit to Kiev and explained that London would contribute 36 million pounds (41 million euros) to reform and transform the Ukrainian electricity system.

As Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba stated this week, Russia has destroyed half of the Ukrainian energy system in its latest campaign of attacks against the sector, which began at the end of March and managed to destroy some of Ukraine’s main thermal and hydroelectric power plants.

In an interview with local media, Volodymyr Kudrytsky, CEO of the Ukrainian national electricity company, Ukrainergo, explained that Ukraine is committed to generating more and more electricity using gas turbines.

“We need not dozens, but hundreds (of gas turbines),” Kudritsky said, adding that the success of the idea would depend on how many turbines reach Ukraine and how long they can be assembled.

The director of Ukrainergo noted that Ukraine has the help of its foreign partners to achieve its goal of producing electrical energy in a greater number of smaller and more separate facilities, making it difficult for Russia to leave the country without generating capacity with few localized attacks.

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Ukraine has already received gas turbines from countries such as Japan and the United States. Due to its small size, this type of electricity generation technology allows diversification of production points and even transportation. Evie


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