Coco Basile risked what Lionel Messi would decide about his future

Coco Basile risked the decision Lionel Messi would make about his future (Thomas Khazki)

Always leave titles Alfio Basile, A character with a lot of history in Argentine football who usually speaks without stereotyping words. Very clearly as if any interview was a coffee talk. In this case Coco He referred to many current football issues, including the status of Lionel Messi in Barcelona and what will happen to the future of the Rosario star, who has just achieved with his team a pass to the Copa del Rey final in Spain.

In a dialogue with a radio program How is it going (Radio Colonia), the former coach who played two tournaments in the Argentine national team and managed to direct La Bolga, said: “I imagine Messi is in Barcelona at the end of his career. Laporta will win and he will stay. It’s my opinionFor Basile, the return of the lawyer to the presidency of Barcelona, ​​who claimed that he had a proposal for Leo to stay, would be crucial to this continuity. He was in charge of the Catalan club from 2003 to 2010 and knows the Argentine footballer a lot.

Obviously, he talked about the national team and the team Lionel Scaloni. “When the national team started getting better, the epidemic came. I have seen the national team very well and have seen it progress. I have a savage faith in them. We always have the best in the world. “We have Messi who scored 700 goals.”

He again expressed his bitterness about what happened at the World Cup for the United States: “My biggest disappointment in my footballing life is that I did not win the 94th team in the World Cup. I was convinced that we defeated everyone.” That was the last World Cup finals Diego MaradonaAbout his death, he said: “I don’t want to hear the things that were said about Maradona, some of the things that were said hurt me a lotHe remembers: “My old woman died hating Lorenzo (Juan Carlos) for not taking me to the national team.”

El Coco doesn't want to hear anything about Maradona's death.
El Coco doesn’t want to hear anything about Maradona’s death.

It’s also an official opinion on the conversation of Boca, the club he managed where he won two championships, the 2005 Apertura Championship and the 2006 Apertura Championship. Michelangelo Russo He stated that “Miguel should know how to choose. It is essential in the coach. There are many new technicians we don’t know who they are. When you have the life of a player and after a coach, it is difficult to deal with the people behind the bench. “

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When a manager walks into the locker room and gives his opinion out loud, I usually leave. Miguel was a champ in two tournaments and they only killed him because they played badly for Santos. Russo I totally support him, he is my friend, and I support what he does, even if everyone criticizes him. He stressed that everyone today has an opinion and they should let him work in peace.

“Depending on coach Rickelme’s relationship (Juan Roman) he will give him the place to comment or not. Miguel and Riquelme are clearly very confident. Miguel is a veteran like me who knows who to talk to, and has goodwillHe concluded by talking about the present Zaines.

Regarding the current Argentine soccer coaches, he said: “The last day I saw Gago (Fernando) and Insa (Federico) playing, and they are two great players, and I liked the way their team played on the racecourse.But without people, parties differ. Of the new coaches, I love Gago. “

Basile spoke about Boca, in particular the situation that his friend Miguel Angel Russo is going through (FotoBaires).
Basile spoke about Boca, in particular the situation that his friend Miguel Angel Russo is going through (FotoBaires).

He also knows a lot about the racing world as he won everything as a player and as a coach who won the Super Cup in 1988. “I don’t know Betzi. We have to wait, there are a few games going on, “he said of the current coach academy.

More phrases from Coco Basile:

I don’t have the recognition that I deserve because I am not a marketerThere are men who win the Argentine Cup and come out everywhere. “

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“I don’t agree with a lot of the things that are being talked about now. Football started in 2012.”

“It’s unbelievable what happened with San Lorenzo and the center of Cordoba, it didn’t happen in my time. Because the best players always have the big teams.”

“It is extraordinary that Bielsa (Marcelo) is chosen from among the best coaches in the world, at Leeds.”

“I like the way River plays, with Platense not playing well.”

“Football without people is not the same.”

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