The Argentine exhibition celebrates the 60th anniversary of Mafalda

This tribute, organized by the Ministry of Culture of this city, is part of initiatives to commemorate the first publication, on September 29, 1964, in the weekly magazine Primera Plana, of the strip that would mark several generations.

The event will take place at 7:30 p.m., local time, at the La Rural Exhibition Center and will feature historian and essayist Sergio Pujol, cartoonist Fernando Sendra and Ediciones de la Flor founder Daniel Devinsky, among others.

As Quino explained on one occasion, the idea to create Mafalda came at the request of an advertising agency.

They commissioned him for the typeface that Siam was going to release under the title Mansfield. That’s why I looked for names similar to him. He pointed out that the campaign did not take place, and I had 12 tapes left.

For the prominent cartoonist, “Mafalda is a girl trying to solve the dilemma of who are the good guys and the bad guys in this world.”

His honest, insightful, uncomfortable and necessary speech has made such an impact that it has been translated into nearly thirty languages ​​and there are Guaraní and Braille versions.

According to the Italian philosopher and writer Umberto Eco, “Mafalda reflects the tendencies of troubled youth, which takes the contradictory side of childhood opposition, the psychological eczema of reaction to the media, and the moral urticaria resulting from the logic of blocs.” , of intellectual asthma caused by aspergillus fungi.

If the adjective “rebellious” is used when trying to define her, it is not in keeping with the fashion of non-conformity at all costs: she is really an angry heroine who rejects the world as it is, she adds.

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According to the thinker, the little girl, her family and her friends are a testimony to a social moment and a country full of contradictions.


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