United Kingdom: This AI camera will detect people strewn on the street and issue a fine

Security cameras from United kingdom Now not only will they monitor to secure the streets, they will discover the dirtiest of them as well. Artificial intelligence program applied in these Cameras It can match the photos of the motorists who Throw away trash With the license plate number for the issuance of a More.

The new technology for “LitterCam” It uses artificial intelligence to capture the movement of objects thrown out of a car window, and it can even detect cigarette butts lying on the track. After discovering this act, the license plate number is saved to issue a fine 120 pounds (About $ 167 USD).

Think twice

Jeremy Paxman, a British politician, says he is concerned about litter on the streets and thinks cameras will be very useful. “Trash cameras have to associate the trash on the street with the person who put it there. However, I don’t have a problem with the cameras. If you haven’t done anything wrong then you don’t need to worry about it.”

Maidstone city councilor Derek Mortimer says it’s a big step in starting to think about caring for the environment. “I mean, if we can land a vehicle on Mars now, we can pick up a cigarette butt thrown from a car and that’s all there is to it, we’re trying to protect the planet we live on and the city we live in.”

Maidstone will be the first in the UK to deploy these AI cameras. And garbage collectors say street waste has increased by 250% despite the current epidemic BBC News.

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