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The coronation ceremony will conclude with a pop concert at Windsor Castle Charles III, King of the United Kingdom Next Saturday, May 6, as revealed by Buckingham Palace a few weeks ago. The problem is that, according to the British press, many of the singers who participated with them Property I wanted to say I declined the invitation. But why did this happen? Here we tell you.

As some artists claimed Schedule problems While others love Adele They simply declined the offer. Last year, the singer actually refused to perform at Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee concert. He did the same thing Harry Stiles, another British celebrity who has now also refused to perform at the coronation of King Charles III. The causes are unknown.

The truth is, the Windsor Castle concert poster was promising. According to various British media reports, the coronation of Charles III would have brought together the members of the Assembly Sexy girls. The King had the opportunity to meet them during his years as Prince of Wales, but it appears the two artists have no intention of performing together again.

Charles III, King of the United Kingdom. (Photo: Agence France-Presse)

Why did so many artists refuse to perform?

What’s even more surprising is the lack of a concert poster Elton Johnone of the singers who rejected Carlos III’s offer Due to scheduling problems. The singer’s music accompanied the British royal family at important moments, but it seems that the artist did not find a place among the European tour concerts that he will perform next March.

The ancient British group that can meet at Windsor Castle is Take thisAlthough the British press said they would be performing without their most famous member, Robbie Williams.

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