Wide participation in the 5th International Symposium on Physical Preparation and Applied Sciences for Basketball

It was organized by the Secretariat of Sports in collaboration with the Civic Federation of Argentine Basketball Physical Trainers (Acpfba) and the University of La Punta (ULP), with the participation of 89 registrants, of whom 65 were from San Luis (73%) and 24 from other provinces and neighboring countries (27%).

The 5th International Symposium on Physical Preparation and Applied Sciences for Basketball was held online through the ULP Virtual Campus platform, and included four intensive days, during which high-level international presenters shared their knowledge and experience in the best leagues on the planet. The symposium was free for the residents of San Luis.

“It was a very useful opportunity for all the teachers in the province to be able to train with professionals working in the best leagues in the world,” said Damian Aymar, head of the training area of ​​the Sports Secretariat. “The format of the seminar included the possibility of asking questions after each presentation, so a very rich round trip was organized, where the attendees were able to answer all kinds of doubts.”

The number of speakers reached 33, with an equal number on topics related to physical preparation and the science applied to playing basketball.

The first day was attended by Argentine physical trainers who train in Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Mexico and Chile, while the second day was attended by physical trainers who work in the country and in important clubs such as Quilmes of Mar del Plata, River Plate, Ferro Carril Oeste and Deportivo Arenal, and in the Argentine basketball, handball, football and volleyball teams.

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On the third and fourth days, physical trainers from the country’s professional leagues such as the Argentine League, the National League and the Federal Indoor Club Championship were presented.

This seminar was part of the sports training course promoted by the provincial government to promote continuous training among professionals and people related to sports.

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