When is the UK election in 2024?

Opinion polls seem to indicate that voters in United kingdom It will end a 14-year era of Conservative government in an election that current British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is expected to lose to Labour.

It was Sunak who called. Early electionsWhich was scheduled to be held before January 2025. The decision came after opinion polls had put him 20 points behind his rivals for months, trying to turn the situation around with a campaign that finally proved insufficient.

When will the British go to the polls?

When is the election?

After a week of campaigning, polls will open at 7 a.m. local time this month. Thursday, July 4and will remain open until 10:00 p.m. Citizens will be able to cast their votes in both 650 electoral districts country, and elect the representative who represents their region.

Under this system, the leader of the party that wins the majority of those districts becomes prime minister and can form a government. It is necessary to win 326 constituencies to achieve absolute majority.

When a political party wins an election but does not have an absolute majority of seats in parliament, it cannot govern effectively without an absolute majority of seats in parliament. Support from other partiesAn example of this is Theresa May’s government in 2017. Her party, the Conservative Party, won the election but did not achieve an absolute majority. In order to govern, it had to seek support from other parties, thus forming a minority government. This means that although it remains the ruling party, it needs to negotiate and gain support from other parties to pass laws and policies.

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If a majority is not obtained, another option is to form a CoalitionThis means that two or more parties agree to govern together and share power. David Cameron, also a Conservative, formed a coalition with the Liberal Democrats in 2010. Neither party had an outright majority, so they came together to form a government with a large enough majority to govern effectively.

Charles III’s role

King Charles III will have to formally approve the formation of the new government. Although this approval is symbolic, it is a formal step in forming a government. Furthermore, the king also has ceremonial role In calling elections and dissolving parliament. In practice, this is done at the request of the Prime Minister.

The king does not contradict the prime minister or overturn election results. This ensures that democratic decisions are respected and that the king’s role is more symbolic than direct interference in government.

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