UK Scandal: Popular Marathon Runner Finishes on Podium but Is Disqualified for Using Car

Josia Zakrzewski was disqualified from her last race after it was discovered that she had used a car (Grosby Group).

He was a famous British ultramarathon runner. Not eligible to use the vehicle During the race and apologized for it “big mistake” Upon receiving the third place award. It is related to Joasya ZakrovskyA doctor from Dumfries, Scotland, she admitted to organisers that she had travelled in a car during part of the race. 50 miles (80.4 km).

Zakrzewskiwho now lives near Sydney In Australia, she said she resorted to this violation due to lack of communication after she was Sick, tired and jet-lagged After the long journey to participate in the race GB Ultras Manchester to Liverpool On April 7th.

As mentioned TelegraphShe had gotten lost about halfway through and felt pain in one of her legs. She claimed the pain was so severe that she accepted a friend’s offer to take her to the next checkpoint.

“When I got to the checkpoint I told them I was leaving and that I had arrived by car, and they said, ‘You will hate yourself if you stop.’ I agreed to continue in a non-competitive way. “I was careful not to pass the runner in front when I saw her, because I didn’t want to interfere with her race,” he said. Zakrzewski In dialogue with the series BBC Scotland.

however, Joasya Zakrovsky The medal and the commemorative cup were awarded to the third place. “I made a big mistake accepting the award and I should have returned it. I was tired, jet-lagged and feeling sick,” he added.“I should have put them back and not taken the pictures, but I felt bad and distracted and wasn’t thinking clearly,” she admitted.

Scottish Joasia Zakrzowski is 47 years old and is a celebrity who has represented Great Britain on international stage (Getty)

After his exclusion, third place went to Miles SykesTo which the runner apologized. “I’m an idiot and I want to apologize to Mel.It wasn’t malicious, it was a misunderstanding. I would never cheat on purpose and this was not a targeted race, but I don’t want to make excuses.“Mel didn’t get the glory in the end, and I’m really sorry he didn’t,” Zakrzewski said.

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The Scottish runner said she was “Destroyed” Through reaction Haters On social media, they asked for her to be banned for life from such events. When reviewing the data Global Positioning System From her professional life she was seen as a woman. 47 years He has traveled 1.6 km In just one 1:40 min It is believed that he traveled around it. 4 kilometers In the car.

Wayne DrinkwaterRace Director GB UltrasHe said to BBC What happened with Joasya Zakrovsky It was really “Very disappointing”.

“The issue has been investigated and after reviewing data from our race tracking system, GPX data, data provided by our event team, other competitors and the participant himself, we can confirm that A runner was disqualified from the event after using vehicle transportation. Part way through. “It’s now in the hands of TRA (Road Running Association) and therefore UK Athletics (UKA) as the regulatory bodies,” he said. drink water.

Joasya Zakrevsky It is famous because it is finished. fourteenth In the marathon 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland He has set records in United kingdom More than 100 and 200 miles. In February, he set a new world record for distance traveled. 48 hoursto complete 255 miles At the Ultramarathon event in TaipeiOn several occasions he has represented Britain On international occasions.

Adrian StottThe runner’s friend explained that. Zakrzewski It has arrived from Australia The night before the race, after the flight 48 hoursFor this part, David OvensThe chairman of Scottish Athletics expressed his support after the incident: “It is very disappointing to hear this, given that Eaussia has had such a successful period in recent years. I hope he can put this behind him and there is an innocent explanation and he can resume his successful career.

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