What was found in Buckinghamshire Cemetery, UK?

Among the 138 graves is a skeleton with a spear, and among the finds in Buckinghamshire cemetery are weapons and jewelry.

This discovery came when some construction workers accidentally came across strange trenches in the ground. Looking forward to building another line of railway through Buckinghamshire, In the south of England, they realized that there were many holes dug in the ground – and inland, There were human remains.

It was then that the local authorities decided to intervene. When a team of archaeologists stepped in, They concluded that the fossils were not random, which can be buried under the surface for centuries. On the contrary, they had The largest tomb of an Anglo-Saxon warrior in the country.

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A warrior fell in battle

Credit: HS2/INFRA JV

Archaeologists who took over the investigation found the site 138 graves, with 141 burials and 5 human crematoriums, to me Documents HS2, the railroad company that planned to operate Buckinghamshire. INFRA JV, a joint venture between Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd and Network Archeology Limited, took over the project to Check Out This Old British Church Square.

According to the researchers, the cemetery in Buckinghamshire is a space “rich in funeral material”. Among them, they highlightedAnglo-Saxon jewelry, swords, shields, spears and grooming setHS2 explains. From the history that has been made on the objects, it is estimated that they could have been used During the fifth or sixth century AD

Due to the great diversity of the elements present, scientists suggest that some It may have been imported from other parts of Europe. However, what really sparked interest was the discovery of the skeleton of an Anglo-Saxon warrior, who had a spear in his spine. probably, they say Researchers, is that This injury cost him his life in battle.

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Watch thousands of years of history

Scientists discovered that the goods were found inside the tombs It is closely related to the deceased buried there. What’s more, they wrote in a statement, “seems to be tailored to each individual.” This indicates that Things were part of some funeral ritesIn which the mourners participated at the time of farewell.

The grave was found in Buckinghamshire It has witnessed thousands of years of British history. Long before it became a cemetery – and certainly centuries before a railway was planned to be built there – many human settlements They have occupied space since prehistoric times.

According to Mike Court, lead archaeologist on the research project, the burial in Buckinghamshire sheds light on the Life forms that have existed in the area for thousands of years. Not only the funeral practices of the Anglo-Saxons. In fact, according to the coverage BBCEvidence has been found for traces of Neolithic, Bronze Age and even the Roman Empire.

He says, “The archaeological discoveries made at this site in Wendover will not only be of interest to the local community, but also of national importance, providing An insight into life in Anglo-Saxon Britain«.

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