The strange story of these billionaires

No luxury cars, no yachts, no millionaire mansion, no big luxury brands. Someone decides, despite winning a fortune in the lottery keep life simple. Joe and Jess Thwait are exactly the example. On May 10, 2022, they became the lucky ones to match the numbers of one of the highest Euromillions prize money so far this year, with a total of €215 million played for one winner.

Although it wasn’t The grand prize that this European game recently reachedHe was about to outsmart him. In October 2021 alone, up to 220 million euros were awarded, but the owner decided to remain anonymous. The British couple initially refrained from revealing their identity, but as they gradually told more friends and family, they considered it best to reveal it to the public.

During the conference held by the UK Lottery, they made it clear that they did not read the mail well and thought that they received a much lower sum. Since relinquishing anonymity, they confirmed to the media that They are not material people And after he made his first purchase with that grand prize for a millionaire, it’s clear that it’s true. Despite all the millions in their possession, the family decided to buy a used car.

They rejected luxury cars

Before winning the lottery, they already had plans to exchange their old Hyundai car for a new one. At first they thought about the Skoda Superb, but when they got this big boat they decided to invest in high-end models. However, they didn’t want it to be new and finally decided to buy a used Volvo V60 ownership car They cost about 44,000 eurosthey confirm in the sun.

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When asked about his decision, Joe Thwait said he “didn’t think much about the car”. already from merchants They were offered other luxury cars such as Bugatti, Aston Martin or Rolls-RoyceBut it did not suit his tastes. Neighbors confirm that they are people lying on the ground and this shows that they have worked hard all their lives. Joe is a business engineer, and Jess has run a hair salon for more than 11 years, despite their fortune, said they’d keep working and avoid wasting money on things they’d regret in the future.

As they assured during the lottery conference, they will soon have a new home where the whole family can live comfortably. Moreover, they have decided Indulge on vacation, something they’ve never done in all these years. His first dream destination, especially for his kids, is Hawaii, so they’ll probably soon be buying tickets for a few days on the island this summer.

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