Union bloc condemns salary hike for Costa Rican leaders

In a press release, Bosco denounced that on the 15th of the month, the President of Costa Rica signed the executive decree doubling the basic salary of these high-ranking officials, in the midst of a violent economic crisis afflicting the people of Costa Rica, with a year-on-year inflation rate in May 2022 reaching 8.71 in cent, the highest rate in the last 13 years.

In this way, ministers will receive a basic salary of two million and 600,000 colones – about three thousand 795 dollars, and deputy ministers of two million and 500 thousand colones, and about three thousand and 650 dollars, in both cases without counting other profits.

The union bloc – made up of dozens of labor groups – describes this increase as immoral and illegal, which, according to various experts, will represent a monthly state expense equivalent to 80 million colones, or about 120 thousand dollars.

Bosco points out that poverty is increasing, inequality is increasing, and wages for the entire working class in our country are falling or freezing, just as the cost of living has gone up: rice, beans, bread, petrol, bus tickets, etc. .

He notes that the foregoing makes life more difficult for millions of Costa Rican workers and their families, while the usual political elites “serve themselves with a big spoon.”

He notes that the president “is the main defender of the corrupt fiscal base, which freezes salaries”, when public debt is equal to or greater than 60 percent of GDP, but “with a stroke of the pen he rejects it.” to favor the politics of his characters; Which shows the folly of this financial rule, which we strongly oppose.” He explains that the contradiction is that the government since 2020 has debts with its workers that it did not want to pay, but when it comes to political positions there is no budget deficit.

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“Bosco calls on the working class and the people to fight for decent pensions and wages, fight against the high cost of living, corruption, and the criminal financial law, which is dismantling our public institutions,” the union text reads.

In addition, it continues, deteriorating services, closing school cafeterias, canceling scholarships, abandoning thousands of children and the elderly, and forbidding the National Production Board from buying food from our small agricultural producers.

Likewise, the union calls on the Costa Rican people to build popular unity against the neoliberal model. poem / ale

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