What Does Your Star Sign Say About You as an Office Worker?

The coronavirus pandemic has forever altered the fabric of the employment landscape. The impacts of furloughs and remote working have shifted attitudes, and as people slowly return to the office, opinions are polarised. One such worry is the difficulty of clicking well when reunited with colleagues in person – but what if there was a way to understand and predict workplace dynamics?

With that in mind, signage specialists instantprint carried out a survey of 2,000 office employees to discover which traits were the most and least desirable in the workplace. According to the results, nearly one-in-five believe astrology – or more accurately, horoscopes – to have an impact on office dynamics. So what does your star sign say about you, and your workplace attitudes?


Have a natural streak for connection, enabling them to succeed in office environments where communication is key. Nonetheless, they often prefer to work alone, as opposed to part of a team.


Intuitive, displaying strong empathy for others and an understanding of office dynamics. They are also highly creative, which can sometimes clash with the strict task management certain roles provide.


Instinctive, they have good business sense and a strong sense of direction when it comes to a given project. They may be good leaders, but can occasionally struggle to follow through on plans – a trait which over a quarter of workers do not like to see in the office.


Particularly easy to work with, especially as part of a team. They have a knack for patience – the highest-rated personality trait in workplace colleagues – though they may get itchy feet when a task becomes less engaging.

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Natural-born communicators, who often excel in HR and customer-facing roles. They are also adept at idea-generation, though this can breed distraction and inattentiveness over time.


Like Pisces, they are generally empathetic. They are great management material when it comes to increasing morale in the workplace, though they can be more sensitive than others.


Cutting a brazen figure in the workplace; they are naturally adept at public speaking, and keen leaders with a sense of fun. However, leadership can give way to domineering attitudes, which colleagues do not take kindly towards.


Keen organisers, excellent with managing the details on projects and with regard to their own workload. This attention to detail can lead to late hand-ins, as perfectionism overrules their deadlines.


Represented by a set of scales, something echoed in their workplace attitude. They are diplomatic and empathetic, good at chairing conversations and finding a path through disagreements. They can be slow to make decisions themselves, though.


Emotionally intelligent and attuned to the motivations of others. They are great reporters as a result, though they may tend to keep their cards close to their chest.


They have the ability to fire up their colleagues. They are adept motivational speakers and optimistic to boot, with an occasional tendency to bluntness.


Representing determination, they work hard and succeed as a result, with good task management skills and an understanding of effort. They can often overexert as a result, and take on too much work.

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