Venezuela celebrates the 238th birthday of Simon Bolivar

July 24, 2021, 12:26 am
CARACAS, July 24 (Prinsa Latina) The authorities and people of Venezuela will commemorate the liberated day Simon Bolivar (1783-1830) on the occasion of the 238th anniversary of his birth.

Tonight’s memorial program will culminate with the presentation of Spanish sponsor David Morales and his crew at the Rios Reina Hall of Teresa Carreno Theatre, with a play dedicated to the hero of Venezuelan independence and South America.

Directed by David Morales, La Obra Teatral Invicto will feature an unbeatable cast of Spanish and Venezuelan dancers and musicians. Uniting the magic and historical power that Father Bolivar represents, President Nicolas Maduro announced at the start of the week.

Likewise, the National Assembly (Parliament) of Venezuela approved an agreement for a period of 238 years from the birth of the Liberator, in which it ratified the will to promote and exercise his ideology in matters of sovereignty, equality and brotherhood among nations.

The Legislative Council also expressed its solidarity with other countries in the region who are victims of the US blockade, sanctions and invasions “on the basis that the homeland for Venezuela is America,” according to a press release posted on the parliament’s website. .

In a regular session of the legislature, Representative Yuxin Leonado Alvarado stated that Bolivar is an inspiration for the struggle of current generations of Venezuelans.

In turn, opponent Jose Gregorio Correa called for turning the memory of liberation into a favorable occasion to leave differences behind and unite the people of Venezuela.

Simon Bolivar was born in Caracas on July 24, 1783, and embraced political and military life until he became the most prominent figure in the struggle for independence for the countries of South America against the Spanish colonial regime.

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