Dialogues of Mexican theater artists in Cuba with students from puppet schools

Under the title Transformation, the exchange took place in the form of a workshop at the Saoto Theater, a national monument in the city of Matanzas, as the venue chosen for the exchange with Cruz about the different ethnic groups in Latin America in order to highlight the value of research in order to enter into Theater of other times.

As the professor explained, the connection with history influenced the re-emergence of many Cuban artists who were part of Mexico’s cultural development, enriching the culture and spirit of the country’s population.

The specialist pointed out that African and Asian cultures were also linked within the framework of the formation of Mexico and the new Latin America, which was unified from different elements from different countries of the world.

As part of the first day of the festival, the photo exhibition Recuento by lens artist Ernesto Cruz was opened in the Saoto Theater itself, and theatrical exhibitions and a presentation by Cuban singer Enid Rosales were held in the José White Concert Hall as a presentation. The official opening of the puppeteer competition.

Among the activities that will be carried out at this event are theoretical forums to talk about performance throughout the history of theater in Cuba and the world, highlighting figures such as Dora Alonso, Nancy Delvert and Papa Farias.

With the presence of theater professionals from countries such as Canada, the United States and the Dominican Republic, at Festitim 2024 workshops will be offered on the development of women and girls in the world of puppetry in order to promote a greater culture in this regard. And unifying standards around this artistic appearance.

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