Bolivia promotes the development of Beni National Plan

“We have a plan for Beni that we will present clearly at the next meeting of the Management Association, on the 17th of this month, and there we will present a clear and clear plan that we have for our management in Beni,” the leader affirmed.

Arce intervened in San Joaquín, in that precinct, during the inauguration ceremony of the Tobogán Mirador, a multifunctional sports complex and reception center for comprehensive municipal legal services in that jurisdiction.

He insisted that the national government wants Benny to stop being the “younger brother” to become the big brother, a few days after the 180th anniversary of the founding of this ministerial mandate.

To achieve this goal, the Head of State promised to support the national government in various investments that will also reach the municipality of San Joaquin.

He stressed that this work must be advanced jointly by all municipalities, which is why the head of state urged the San Joaquin authorities to “design a strategic plan” in line with the development of Mamore County and also with the departments.

“We must reinforce the department, which was late today, and we are not happy,” the official said.

He explained that the social economic model of a productive society, applied since 2006, redistributes the income generated in the country with the aim of eliminating inequalities.

He explained that in recent years, development has focused on La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, and that the rest of the departments, such as Beni, “remained outside this dynamic axis”.

Then he expressed that the work and the goal set by the government is to contribute, help and contribute so that development is uniform in all departments and municipalities in the country.

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According to the National Institute of Statistics, in 2020, the total value of Beni exports amounted to $338.2 million, and the main item traded abroad was metallic gold, which contributed $228.5 million of the US currency.

This region has great agricultural production potential, and already in the 2019-2020 administration, the production of various grain crops was estimated at a total of 299 thousand 554 tons; 40.9 percent of this production is cereals, and 26 percent is from fruit trees, mainly bananas, as well as sugar cane.

Likewise, during that period, the total production of beef in the district amounted to 25,373 tons.


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