The importance and recognition of left hand skills

Oftentimes, minorities were too He was severely condemned throughout history. With left-handed people, they also experienced discrimination on multiple occasions.

For a long time, scissors, knives, laptops, or even cars were designed Right hand people.

A group of fetuses were studied and found that they showed a preference in utero, deciding to suck the thumb of one hand or the other.

In terms of the lexicon, The word “right” in English means “right”. However, the left word, from the Latin dictionary, means “evil“But other than purely anecdotal stories, is there a reason some people are born with one ability or another?

Really there is no A left- or right-handed genetic component, such as DNA. investigation University of Oxford, UK, they analyzed the particles of nearly 4,000 people.
Then it was discovered that four regions of the genome are generally associated with the left part. 80% of this composition, Therefore, they are involved in the development and structure of our brains.

However, not everything can be uncomfortable. Excellence, in the form of surprise, when man appears to him الإنسان left handed ability, In front of most right-handed people. This conjecture, which was really proven, was observed in such sports as fencing and its combative forms.

the television And his series, also featuring the left-handed characters, with the purpose of not discriminating against anyone because of his type of skill. Ned Flanders, one of the most undercooked characters in The Simpson, and was one of the pioneers in demonstrating his talent as a left-handed man. In this way, among other things, it was possible to give a chance against the possibility of “left-handed extinction”

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