Universitario will play a friendly match against an important South American team in Miami: date and time confirmed

Universitario will play a friendly match in Miami – Credits: Universitario

Sports University It is seeking to prepare in the best possible way for its centenary celebration, so from within the club they are planning to play a series of friendly matches with big teams from the continent before what will be the start of the season. League 1 2024.

Although the Ate Foundation has yet to make an official announcement, it was revealed last Sunday that the first opponent it will face as part of the pre-season will be National athlete From Colombia. During the match between the Colombian and Venezuelan U-23 teams at the DRV PNK Stadium in Miami, a banner appeared announcing the date and time of the match.

According to the information shown in the announcement, the fight, which is classified as the “Champions Challenge,” will take place on… Sunday 14 January From 6:00 pm in Peru and tickets will be on sale on the virtual platform Ticket manager In the next few hours.

The last time the two teams met was in 2007, 16 years ago, in the first round of the Copa Sudamericana. Six times they faced each other, “creams” They had one win, two draws and three defeats (four in the Copa Merconorte and two to the Sudamericana).

It should be noted that this will be the first challenge of the year academic, since “Noche Crema 2024” is scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 20 at 8:00 pm at the Monumental Stadium. So far, no other friendly matches have been confirmed.

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It must be taken into account that the table 'meringue' The team continues to build its squad for next season, taking into account the departure of some important players, including Jose Carvalho. In addition to analyzing the renewals and the arrival of potential reinforcements for their participation in the next edition of Libertadores Cup.

Champions team Universitario de Deportes will remain the base for the club's centenary – Credit: Liga 1

a few days ago, Jorge Fossatiit's still technical academicHe pointed out that the club was invited to play friendly matches Uruguay And United State. Given this, it is likely that another commitment of the student body abroad will be confirmed in the near future.

The Sports University is invited to play friendly matches in Uruguay and the United States America before the night of the cream,” admitted the Uruguayan strategist, candidate to lead the Peruvian team, during an interview with Sport 890.

As we mentioned, at the beginning of this year 'or' He also played a friendly match in the United States as part of his preparations for the tournament League 1 2023He managed to become a national hero and receive the long-awaited 27th star.

On that occasion, the opponent to face was Inter Miami, a team that ended up beating the national team 4-0 at the DRV PNK Stadium, a sporting venue where “Heron” They are practicing their zone, which Lionel Messi will arrive in five months later.

Ian Fry scored the second goal in the match between Universitario and Inter Miami

at the moment, academic He is experiencing a period of uncertainty due to the possibility of his departure Jorge FossatiWho will come to lead the Peruvian national team after his dismissal Juan Reynoso From the situation. According to what is known, the 71-year-old coach will make his decision about his future between today and tomorrow.

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On the one hand, there will be the option of staying in the Ati team and chasing the championship twice, and on the other hand, the huge challenge of taking charge. “two-tone”who will face America's Cup In mid-2024 he will continue to fight for a place in the 2026 World Cup.

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