The end of the mystery: Science has revealed the true origin of the ice pyramid located in Antarctica

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rock formation in Antarctica It aroused the curiosity of scientists because of its great similarity to the pyramids of Egypt. This scientific discovery has impressed thousands of users, because it is enormous Ice mountain Its history goes back millions of years.

There is no doubt that the southernmost continent is one of humanity's greatest mysteries, as it is almost uninhabited and covered in large layers of snow, giving rise to many of its formations, flora and fauna. They have not been discovered yet. However, this time the science came with the unbelievable Discovery.

What is the true origin of the ice pyramid in Antarctica?

The images were revealed through Google Earth and show the pyramid, as the architecture of the discovery is of this architecture. Scientists explained this that it mountain Which has eroded over time due to… Strong winds and Storms that inhabit Antarctica.

However, thousands of users on social networks launched their theories with more diverse predictions. Some have speculated that the photo was taken using artificial intelligence, or that it was It was built by some extraterrestrial life form. Furthermore, the possibility that it may have been raised by some was analyzed Lost civilization who inhabited Antarctica.

Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of California, Eric Regnot, pointed out that it is a combination of Ice, snow and wind Which has been sculpting the mountain for millions of years, until it gave it its current shape.

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The Antarctic Pyramid is actually the eroded peak of a mountain range.

The mountain is located in the southern region of Ellsworth Mountain Range From the frozen continent. More precisely, it is found at coordinates 7958'39″S and 8157'32″W, and is perfectly visible through the Google Earth viewer.

What is the name of the pyramid located in Antarctica?

This natural occurrence is known as “Nunatak“, the term originates from any rocky peak emerging from ice or snow. This mountain range It is 400 kilometers long and 48 kilometers wide.. In this way, it makes sense to some rocks Stand out and be longer.

Dr. Mitch Darcy, a geologist at the German Research Center for Geosciences in Potsdam, explained in the journal IFL Science that freezing and erosion give shape to these large landscapes.

Moreover, he considered the pyramidal shape to be merely an arbitrary feature of nature, and ruled out that living organisms had sculpted it intentionally.

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