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On Saturday, a large crowd demonstrated in London To call on the environmental movement Extinction Rebellion to demand the immediate halt to new infrastructure linked to fossil fuels and to alert the climate emergency causing significant disruption.

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According to the Twitter account of the movement in the United Kingdom, “thousands” of protesters occupied this afternoon in the Marble Arch neighborhood in the British capital during a sit-in near Hyde Park.

Some protesters tied themselves to the roof of a limousine.

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In the morning, armed men of the group settled in a tanker truck, blocking it on a street near Hyde Park.

“I realize that my actions will anger a lot of people, but I am willing to take responsibility,” Etienne Stott said in the text.

“But our government must also be held accountable for its decisions that destroy our planet’s ability” to support human civilization, he added.

According to the police, six people were arrested.

A week ago, the movement implemented a series of actions calling for an end to fossil fuels.

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