Russian Ambassador to the United States: Washington is trying to intimidate Latin America by not joining the sanctions imposed on Moscow

The Russian ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, announced Friday, in response to a journalist’s question, that the United States intends to threaten Latin American countries with secondary restrictions as a punishment for not joining the sanctions imposed on Moscow.

“You can see the growing anger in the US State Department at the independent position of Latin American countries that refuse to participate in a ‘crusade’ against Russia and that have their own vision of the Ukraine crisis,” She said The senior diplomat, when asked to comment on the statements of the US Under Secretary of State for Western Affairs, Brian Nichols, who declared that Washington expects Western Hemisphere countries to join the sanctions against Moscow.

“The point of these statements is simple: to intimidate their allies by threatening to impose secondary restrictions on As punishment for not joining the anti-Russian campaignsaid the ambassador. “At the same time, Washington does not care about the obvious damage to the economic development of the countries of the region, their food security and social stability,” he added.

Taken from Russia Today

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