They encourage business relationships with companies in England

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The National Chamber of Commerce (CNC-Bolivia) and the British Embassy in Bolivia signed a cooperation agreement aimed at the Bolivian businessmen of this union establishing business relations with their peers in England, as well as with suppliers and associations.

The document was signed by CNC-Bolivia President, Rolando Kempff, British Ambassador to Bolivia, Jeff Glickin, UK Minister for Foreign Trade and Equality Mike Freer, and Latin America Trade Commissioner, Jonathan Knott.

Kempf emphasized that “one of the primary purposes of the agreement is to establish commercial links between the National Chamber of Commerce’s companies, companies, suppliers and associations in the United Kingdom.”

The businessman explained that the total Bolivian exports to England in 2021 amounted to $11 million, mainly products such as tin; Fruits and nuts Furniture and its parts. Soy and coffee.

While the country’s imports amounted to $31 million, the imported products were mainly automobiles, alcoholic beverages and lubricants for automobiles and work machinery.

The businessman from La Paz indicated that the agreement with England will allow the establishment of commercial, cultural and academic events that promote the establishment of links between authorities, businessmen, businessmen, producers, researchers and scientists.

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