UK funds competition to promote 5G Open RAN –

The US-China trade conflict does not exclude the world of communications, where missiles have been converted into tariffs and military operations have turned into operations against rival companies. One of the measures with the greatest impact in the West was the ban on Huawei equipment promoted by the countries of teams and stars. Given this fact, Great Britain is trying to promote Open RAN, endorsing its position in a document submitted to the country’s legislature, denouncing the need to create an ecosystem for the development of this technology.

This context may illustrate that the UK government has launched a $41 million competition to fund research and development projects to accelerate the adoption of Open RAN, called Future RAN. This project aims to develop high-performance 5G Open RAN solutions that meet the demands of a dense urban UK by 2025, attract new vendors to conduct 5G Open RAN research and development, diversify the 5G supply and prioritize network security. Funding will come from the Department of Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS).

In addition, the government has already made investments to strengthen this ecosystem through the SmartRAN Open Network Interoperability Center (SONIC) and the UK Communications Laboratory (UKTL). These infrastructures are intended to assist companies developing this technology.

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