They call it a humiliating British evacuation of Afghanistan

August 30, 2021, 5:59 amLONDON, Aug. 30 (Princea Latina) Conservative British lawmaker Tobias Ellwood today described as humiliating the hasty manner in which the United Kingdom evacuated its Afghan staff and collaborators after the Taliban returned to power.

Speaking to Sky News, Ellwood, who was a soldier and now chairs Parliament’s defense committee, criticized the government’s lack of strategy, leadership and patience during the evacuation process.

The way we came out was humiliating, the parliamentarian said, noting that many mistakes had been made and a “chain” of concerns to respond to.

The UK had ended Operation Pitting the day before, deploying the military mission it had deployed to a fugitive at Kabul airport on August 13, when the Islamist extremist group’s victory was imminent.

According to London, about 15,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan in the past two weeks, including UK nationals and Afghans who cooperated with British forces during the 20 years of occupation of the South Asian country by the US-led international coalition. .

Unofficial data, however, indicates that about 9,000 Afghans eligible for eviction, including women, journalists and international NGO workers, have been left behind.

Critics of the Conservative government led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson asserted that the British Foreign Office ignored thousands of letters and letters sent by politicians and local institutions on behalf of people who should be deported from Afghanistan.

When asked about it, Deputy Secretary of State James Cleverly admitted on Monday that he had received a huge amount of correspondence, but stressed that the priority was to ensure that people already treated and who were at Kabul airport left.

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The Taliban, never completely defeated in the 20 years of foreign occupation of Afghanistan, began to regain strength after the start of the US-led coalition withdrawal last year, and on August 15 it entered Kabul without facing resistance from President Ashraf’s armed forces. Ghani who fled to the United Arab Emirates.

The rebel group’s return to power caused thousands of people, mostly collaborators with the occupying forces, to flock to the capital’s airport with their families in the hope of evacuating them along with the foreigners before the deadline for the departure of the American forces expired. troops on August 31.


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