A British minor trying to travel from Tenerife to the UK infected with COVID-19

  • The boy, who had already been found by the police, was isolated and immediately began a 10-day quarantine in the hotel room where he is staying.

Last Tuesday, the National Police found a British tourist near the Tenerife Su . airportp when He was trying to travel back home Although there was a positive antigen test for coronavirus.

The young man, who was a minor on vacation on the island, was accompanied by his father, grandfather and He had escaped through the window of a health center When the antigen test was performed and its result was positive in order to avoid the application of the corresponding protocol.

These facts were reported to the Aina Security Department, and as soon as the National Police was informed, a security apparatus was set up and the airport doors were closed, a device in which, in addition to the agents of the National Police of the Border Post at Reina Sofia Airport, a security apparatus was set up. From South Tenerife National Police Station cooperated.

Once the young man – who had bought a new plane ticket and predicted when to return – was located, he was isolated because he had covid-19, and was told to start a 10-day quarantine in the room immediately. from the hotel you are staying in.

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who is acting The health, judicial and financial authorities have been informed of their follow-up and appropriate action.

These measures were carried out by officers of the National Police from the border point at Reina Sofia Airport.

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