They believe that the electoral system in the United States is in danger

May 14, 2021, 10: 9Washington, May 14 (Prensa Latina) An article in the New York Times said today that the electoral system in the United States is in danger and that Republicans will hand over the presidency to a candidate without popular support.

An opinion supported by Michael Goldberg, “ How Republicans Can Steal the 2024 Election, ” assumes that “ If the incumbent Republican Party controls both houses of Congress on January 6, 2025, there is no way that if a Democrat will legitimately win certification as the President-elect .

Based on research by Erica Newland, a consultant at Protect Democracy, a non-profit organization founded in 2017 to fight the nation’s democratic meltdown, the report warns of current and future threats facing Americans in the election.

Before Joe Biden was officially confirmed as winning in January, it investigated some of the ways Donald Trump’s allies in Congress could sabotage the process, the analyst contends.

In his assessments, Goldberg cites as an example of the looming problem: Liz Cheney’s removal this week from the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives.

Today, the Republican Party does not have a political philosophy in the natural sense. Instead, he said, it is organized around loyalty to Trump and the backstab myth that his election has been stolen.

Cheney’s removal is another indication that the party is preparing to do in the upcoming elections what it could not do in the last election, he warns, referring to the shady deals that the House of Representatives may award in 2022.

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“If Biden or another Democrat wins in 2024, the House of Representatives led by Kevin McCarthy, the cowardly minority leader who helped topple Cheney, is likely to cooperate in the right’s plans to change the outcome,” the Times analyst warned.

He said Trump’s attempt to steal the 2020 elections revealed the extent to which our democracy depends on officials at all levels of government who act with honor.

He argued that the so-called Red Party was working in the states to pass laws “that would allow state legislatures to bypass the popular vote and elect their electors.”

The analysis warns that with sufficient procedural mischief, Republican politicians who represent the nation’s minority could hand over the presidency to a candidate who won a minority of popular votes and the Electoral College votes in 2024.

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