There are no conditions for opening the medical profession

Dante Salgado Gonzalez, Dean Baja California Sur Independent University (UABCS), although the strategic and planning part already exists, due to lack of resources, the The possibility of opening a medical certificate In the highest studies house, UABCS.

“In a short time, I see the prospect of opening the career path difficult because it depends on a very strong economic investment and there are no conditions at the federal level and hardly at the local level to support the university. We need specialized laboratories equipped with high technology. This is what you have now when you study medicine, because you are in The university is studying the first year from the second year onwards, the boys go to the hospitals for training, so in a short time I don’t see it possible, ”he said.

Salgado González also indicated that there is indeed Planning and approval by the University CouncilHowever, the current economic situation did not favor the offer of a medical degree, which was announced several years ago.

“ The whole strategic and planning part of the university was ready for years, but it was stopped due to lack of economic resources and another noteworthy work. We are the only public university in the subsystem of public universities that do not own the field of health sciences, which was put on the table before the federal authorities, but it is It requires a strong investment unfortunately under the current circumstances, despite the need to prepare specialists in the field of health sciences, not just medicine, we have thought, in basic law, that they are already thinking in the field of health sciences with more jobs, social work, and psychology Dentistry, and nursing, which are related to general healthcare practice, “he explained.

Finally, I indicated that, The university is ready to get a medical degree, Since they also receive support from the Ministry of Public Education (September), So he hopes the conditions will soon be in place to introduce the race.

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