Neymar shows off his first photos and chronicles his release in Battle Royale

The Brazilian superstar arrives with challenges, costumes, and more.

Uh, It is an electronic game! What started out as a simple battle royale later became a video game phenomenon, with constant map changes and indoor entertainment events; And now it is The most important entertainment crossover. Well true to this strategy, as well as the roadmap for Chapter 2, Season 6It is up to Neymar to focus his eyes on the highly successful Battle Royale de Epic Games.

Starting April 27, fans will be able to complete their Battle Pass missionsEpic Games just announced that, starting April 27, Fortnite fans and the Brazilian superstar will be able to complete their Battle Pass missions, which will allow them to unlock their various outfits, items from their archetypes, and more. There will be all kinds of rewards, from a soccer game, to a Neymar banner, themed loading screen, sprays, gliders, and more.

Also, within Creative Mode, there will be a welcome center that has been created by players and inspired by the arrival of Neymar. In parallel, there will be a file Playlist bautizada Arena Go CrazyCreated by members of the Madmoods and Immature community, the game mode will rotate 8 for 8 with countless ups and downs.

The rewards are:

  • Sprinkle “I’m ready!”
  • “Secret shot” emoji
  • “Celebrate Neymar”
  • Aerial Acrobat
  • “Neymar Jr. Costume Style” Exhibition.
  • Peak Jaguar Strike

The largest entertainment crossover

As we mentioned at the beginning, Fortnite began diversifying some time ago, becoming a showroom for events outside of video games, such as PartiesAnd the Expectations, Etc. But she’s now received all kinds of characters, or rather, character skins, starting with Marvel The list has since grown relatively long and impressive. It includes:

  • Marshmallow
  • John Wake
  • Kratos
  • MA head
  • Ryo
  • Chun Li
  • Mandaloriano
  • Draperidor
  • Sarah Connor

Among the latest appearances Lara Croft and Bullion From the PlayStation series, Horizon Zero Dawn. Meanwhile, Fortnite continues to improve en Nintendo SwitchWhere he faces publisher Epic Games and Apple in a Legal dispute, Which is a battle royale centerpiece.

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