The weird story about why you play some sports on Thanksgiving

This Thursday marks Thanksgiving Day in the United States, when thousands of families gather to commemorate the historic day. However, the sport has no respite, but not all disciplines are preserved either, as only the NFL is filmed during the holiday and it’s all the rage.

When it comes to deciding which sport to take place this holiday, there have been many twists and turns in American history. During the period of the NBA broadcast its matches on television, because it is the most popular league, but the audience was not as expected. Until 2005, the Basketball League would broadcast its games on Thanksgiving Day, but the rating was significantly lower than the NFL rating and it was decided to amend it.

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Despite the fact that they emphasized from the official version that the goal was to provide a day of rest for the players of the most emblematic basketball competition in the world, in reality it was the low audience that determined it. So, while in 2006 the NFL decided to add another game and had three broadcasts during “Thanks Giving,” the NBA gave them a day off.

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That’s why thousands of family members gather on Thanksgiving to watch American football, and since 1934, the Chicago Bears have been on the list of games played on that date. Since that day, the bears play Thanks Giving every year and captivate millions of viewers.

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The fans of these games are very angry and without counting the Super Bowl, they tend to score high in the crowd. This year there will be three NFL games on Thanksgiving Thursday: Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions, Las Vegas Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills vs. New Orleans Saints.

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