The brain generates well-being if it is trained in this direction, by Jose Sanchez

Life is full of changing and unexpected moments, not just because of the pandemic. Things do not develop as people expect most of the time: there is stress, pain, despair, injustice, struggles, exhaustion, frustration … the plea that everything will go well if one thinks a certain way is not a fact, but a rabbit in a magician’s hat.

No, life is not just a matter of attitude. It is rather a matter wisdom and wisdom. From there, you can find alternatives to living difficult quietly and with an openness and perspective of what is fun. Cultivating these tools generates satisfaction and quality of life in the medium and long term, despite the circumstances.

Therefore, the The science of happiness Real, without magic or predictions, helps to focus intelligently towards the level of well-being, health and harmony that people deserve. For this, it is necessary to train at the brain level in skills such as true meditation, the meaning of life, emotional harmony, conscious language, and the social brain. This is because The brain generates well-being if it is trained in this direction.

Focusing the Brain and Mind: The Science of Happiness

Attention and emotional regulation or socialization can be intelligently improved through various personal development techniques. Jose Sanchez, a neuroscientist with extensive knowledge and experience in personal growth techniques, I somehow combined tradition and science to prove useful for facing the gray days with perspective and giving each moment more meaning and depth. Part of it focuses on creating consistent habits and routines.

Not everything is emotional intelligence

Society uses emotional intelligence in countless forms: media, social networking, self-help books, corporate courses, marketing, etc. Like it’s kind of a mixed bag where anything goes. Emotional intelligence seems to offer magical life advice through motivational phrases, but the truth is that many of these recommendations are impractical and unscientific. The concept of emotional intelligence itself is a psychological construct that currently does not find strong scientific evidence.

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First of all, emotions are not isolated entities in the brain.. In fact, there is no emotional brain per se, nor a single area of ​​the brain dedicated exclusively to emotions.

Second, we must understand that empathy that seeks to improve emotional intelligence is not the answer to all of the world’s ills. Love is an incredible force, but it does not solve the problem. It will always be necessary to have human intelligence that reflects, be creative, analyze and reach the maximum benefit and the least cost for all.. It is not reasonable to honor feelings, if this is done at the expense of reason.

Third, there are no positive or negative emotions, only learning. There are unpleasant sensations that can be greatly enriched. Guilt can be, at times, one of life’s best lessons.

Fourth, emotions are predictors of the brain, considering how one feels and what memory and interpretation the brain makes for each context.

in fifth place, Emotions are only a small part of the mind and do not make decisions or are necessarily irrational. Self-knowledge cannot be reduced or improved to a single area of ​​human experience. True happiness or well-being cannot come from an exclusively individual point of view or from the reduction of self-awareness and reason to the factor of emotion reduction.

Sixth, there is no battle between passion and reason. Anatomically and physiologically, there is no rational or emotional brain except Great social mind. People are social beings and without understanding this excessive mind in society, little progress can be made.

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Visualizing self-knowledge as a conflict between who you are and who you should become, takes people away from self-knowledge. If one assumes that it is not enough and that it must improve, it is a far cry from true introspection.

Well-being, happiness, and wisdom are built through a conscious process in which emotions are just one component. The perception of emotions as the center of existence and personal development is a visual limitation that prevents the integral development of a person. Not everything is emotional intelligenceIn fact, focusing on her as a lead actor makes people miss a lot of things in life.

in this meaning, Jose SanchezThrough the science of happiness specializes in training the brain to achieve well-being in life and build smart habits. On their website, the neuroscientist provides more information about the services they provide. The Science of Happiness is a technique that cultivates, through simple, straightforward, and practical exercises, training and transformation in levels of well-being and happiness.

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