Street Fighter 6 llegaría an Xbox One y Xbox Series X / S.

Luke is the latest character to come to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition via DLC Mode On November 29, he will be the last to arrive at a title that has already closed its doors to more content. It’s almost an open secret that Capcom is working on what Street Fighter 6 will, in fact, be in fall straight, IP Director, Takayuki Nakayama and Producer Shuhei Matsumoto discuss the next installment of the legendary IP and the significance of Luke’s character in the game’s history.

Street Fighter 5 was a rollercoaster, initially problematic, unfinished title that had to win fans over despite the importance of its name. Unfortunately, it was also a big absentee from the genre on Xbox, since the title only made it to Playstation and PC, which seems to have contributed to it not being well received by the public.

Capcom is preparing for the next version of Street Fighter

Matsumoto noted that in 2022 we will already have news of the next step in the series: “Farewell to Street Fighter 5 is ‘see you soon’ more than ‘Goodbye’. Next year we will be able to tell you more about what’s coming.”

Sticking with the rumors (which never fall short of these instances), Street Fighter 6 was supposed to arrive in 2021, but a host of development issues would have delayed the launch and caused the departure of Capcom of Yoshinori Ono, franchise manager.

Everything seems to indicate that the new version of Ryu and Ken will correct their previous mistakes and will arrive on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S as well as PC, PS4 and PS5 although confirmations seem close.

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