The United States and the United Kingdom support Mark Rutte as the next Secretary General of NATO

Governments United States of America And United kingdom She gave her support to the outgoing Prime Minister Holland, Mark Rutias the next Secretary-General of the party NATOreplacing Jens Stoltenberg.

United State “He made it clear to his allies 'who.' NATO The Dutch Prime Minister “would make an excellent Secretary General” for the party NATOA National Security Council spokesman told reporters, John Kirby.

For his part, the official spokesman said: Downing Street He pointed out that the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak It is considered Which Roti He has “serious defense and security credentials” to take charge NATO.

the NATO Search for a new administrator after July 2023 Stoltenberg He extended his term at the head of the defense organization for a year, due to the period of global instability that followed the invasion of Iraq Ukraine by Russia.

Stoltenberg's successor will be tasked with ensuring NATO's support for Ukraine is maintained.

Roti He left politics after the collapse of his coalition government, but continued in office during talks about creating a new executive in the country Holland.

“the NATO “It is the foundation of our collective defense” and “we applaud it.” Jens Stoltenberg “For his leadership” during these years, the British spokesman confirmed that United kingdom He wants a candidate who will maintain NATO.

“he United kingdom Strongly supports the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark RutiIn order to succeed Jens Stoltenberg As Secretary General of NATO. He added: “He is highly respected across the alliance, has serious defense and security credentials and will ensure the alliance remains strong and ready to defend and deter.”

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