The European Parliament condemns the maneuvers aimed at influencing the aid provided to the Palestinians

In a joint statement with Prensa Latina, he criticized the amendment that was approved yesterday in the European Parliament’s Parliamentary Oversight Committee, with the aim of pressuring the European External Action Service to turn to other sources in order to deliver aid funds to Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip. Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank.

She warned that this decision enjoys the support of the extreme right, the right, and liberals, after a proposal submitted by the German representative in the European Parliament, Monika Hollmayer, whom she described as “pro-Israel,” which represents complicity with the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Pineda pointed out that the residents of the densely populated Gaza Strip are suffering from siege, hunger, thirst, and the risk of epidemics due to the Israeli aggression.

Since October 7, Tel Aviv has been indiscriminately bombing Gaza, with some 30,000 people reported killed, mostly children, women and the elderly, in response to the Hamas attack, a disproportionate response that was brought before the International Court of Justice. Justice for the crime of genocide.

Israel accused some UNRWA workers of being linked to the Hamas attack last October, which launched a crusade in the West against the United Nations agency responsible for providing health, education, social services and emergency aid to more than five million Palestinians spread around the world. The Middle East.

According to Pineda, it is unacceptable for the European Parliament to echo the Israeli position, despite the absence of evidence and the intention to influence the crucial work of an agency with more than 30,000 employees.

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She warned that this is not the first initiative taken by Member of the European Parliament Holmer against the budget allocated to aid the Palestinians, as in 2020 she requested “to stop funding educational materials.”

The previous day, UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini indicated in a letter to the UN General Assembly that the agency was facing a “breaking point.”

In this regard, he referred to Israel's repeated calls to dismantle the entity and freeze its funding.


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