Uruguayan industrialists warn of lack of competitiveness

The union issued a statement after Fabricas Nacionales de Cerveza (FNC) informed the union of the closure of the factory located in the city of Minas.

The text indicated that other factories had recently stopped operations, such as Gloria Foods del Uruguay SA for dairy products, FANACIF SA for auto parts and others.

He says the closure is due to a common reason, which is “the lack of competitiveness to develop industrial activity in Uruguay.”

“The Uruguayan Chamber of Industries has been warning for many years about the problems generated by the growing and continuing lack of competitiveness in our industries,” the statement read.

Remember that they presented the presidential candidates with a document summarizing the problems the sector is going through in six axes.

He pointed out that the first, and undoubtedly the most urgent solution, is the loss of competitiveness.

He concluded his speech by saying: “Once again, we call on our current authorities to think, and especially to act, because in the coming months we will certainly witness situations of the same magnitude as those that we regret today.”


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