They present cutting-edge projects for the Faculty of Medicine of Tampico to the Rector of UAT – El Sol de Tampico

the authorities Tampico Medical College (FMT) “Dr. Alberto Romo Caballero” Subordinate Autonomous University of Tamaulipas (UAT)on the last visit to University President Damaso Leonardo Anaya AlvaradoThey delivered important projects.

They have their goal Ensuring theoretical and practical teaching Where the general population benefits.

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Director Raul de León Escobedo stated that it became a great party Access to the institution of the person in charge of the highest house of studies, Both for investment and Openness to new communication projects.

“We were given the entire afternoon to get to know the faculty and had the opportunity to present all areas of teaching and experimentation.

We also held a meeting with students and professors, as well as a talk with managers to find out what the future holds for our institution.

He commented on that University President Damaso Leonardo Anaya AlvaradoHe was accompanied at all times by Academic Secretary Rosa Issel Acosta, as well as other officials They emphasized the progress achieved in teaching modern medicine.

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They present ambitious and innovative projects

He added that they were shown during his visit Several viable projects That can be achieved Before the end of 2024.

Which range from establishing two highly specialized offices; Two operating rooms for outpatient surgery with a suite of services It includes more than 35 medical procedures and care for up to 34 patients per day.

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We will be able to treat patients who arrive at eight in the morning, and by four in the afternoon they will be able to leave after their health problems are resolved.

This is highlighted between The most ambitious projects Which they are confident will be achieved with the support of the university president, they have two very specialized offices.

Which will be serviced Students from the same medical college, like They will provide primary health care targeting up to 20,000 patients.

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He pointed out that all these plans had been submitted To the Dean of UAT, Damaso Leonardo Anaya Alvarado, In his speech Visit to the Medical College of TampicoIt will give the College of Nursing students strength Working together in a practical environment, Similar to what happens daily in medical institutions in the region.

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