The United Kingdom announces its Olympic team for the Paris 2024 Olympics

CtoEuropa23kur_Carl Hester fame

06-27-2024 Lily Forado

AndIn recent years, the UK has joined the group of nations on the Champions Platform. Its golden years were 2011 and 2012, and since then, the team has won numerous silver and/or bronze medals, whether at the World Championships, Olympic Games or even the European Championships. Last year, they again rose to the golden step at the European Championships after 12 years (Rotterdam 2011). It is a curious fact that in 2011 the United Kingdom won the CTO. Europe and then won gold at the 2012 London Olympics…

National federations are slowly revealing their teams to participate in the next global event in Paris 2024, such as the Olympic Games. After Poland and the United States, came the next step England.

  • Carl Hester with fame
  • Charlotte Dujardin with Imhotep
  • Charlotte Fry with Glamourdale
  • Reserve: Becky Maude with a Jagerbomb

The team is the same as the Tokyo 2020 team, but with different horses, as Karl Hester at Tokyo 2020 was with En Vogue, Charlotte Dujardin with Gio, and Charlotte Fry with Everdale, where they won bronze.

For Karl Hester, Paris 2024 will be his seventh Olympic Games (1992 Barcelona, ​​1996 Sydney, 2004 Athens, 2012 London, 2016 Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo 2020), and it will be Charlotte Dujardin’s fourth (2012 London, 2016). Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo 2020) and the second for Fry after her participation with Everdale in Tokyo 2020. Becky Maud In her second season at the absolute level with her horse that she raised herself, Jagerboom will travel to Paris.

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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games_UK Team

In the past decade, the United Kingdom has been on the podium, whether it be gold in London 2012, silver in Rio de Janeiro, or bronze in Tokyo 2020. At the individual level, Charlotte Dujardin is the most decorated English athlete in her country’s history at the Olympic Games. Because it contains several Six Olympic metalsThree for teams and three for individuals, highlighted by the individual gold medal in London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro, in addition to the bronze medal in Tokyo 2020.

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