Analysis of New Leadership Keys at the 7th International Meeting on Organizational Well-Being

he On June 26, the 7th International Meeting on Organizational Wellbeing was held, which brought togetherNational and international experts, Which revealed the keys to the new leader, and how to apply new tools and good practices in the field of organizational well-being.

Highlights today Importance To become an agent of change and be able to implement Methodology based on scientific research To make businesses healthier and more competitive.

Carmen Soler (Director of the Master of Strategic Management at the University of Florida, Spain) was responsible for leading this initiative, which included distinguished students Amplifiers how Oscar Garcia (CoachMe, Life and Business Coaching), Laura’s Girl (Psychologist, coach and writer) Angel Garinho (CEO of UVESCO Group), Luis Enrique Cruz (Talent and Culture Director at Petroleo Mexico Group), and David Flores (Dean of the Higher Institute of the Cordillera University in Quito – Ecuador and Doctor of Educational Sciences and Economics).

the Director of the Master of Strategic Management at the University of Florida Spain, Carmen Soler He pointed out the importance of “empowering people who make a difference in organizational well-being,” and stressed “the opportunity of this meeting to learn about practical experiences on how organizations can transform the application of the scientific methodology into a tangible reality.”

Oscar Garcia, CoachMe, Life and Business Coaching He revealed this in his speech “The division over whether a leader is born or made is crucial. The science of well-being provides us with the tools to train people to become leaders. Willpower is key and nearly 40% of leadership can be trained and developed. Today we have great discoveries such as mindfulness, positive psychology, the power of existential words and purpose. Being a good leader is about consciously raising your emotional competence, which facilitates the performance of your team. Transforming the intangible into the tangible is possible with tools such as the Hero Model and with specific training for transforming organizations such as the DEBO Master.

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Luis Enrique Cruz, Director of Talent and Culture at PETROIL Group in Mexico I stood up “In his company of 3,100 employees, there has been tremendous growth. Across the board, thanks to effective talent management. We are not only looking to create jobs, but also the community. At Petroleum, we realize that the true wealth of a company lies in its ability to change people’s lives. Our leadership actions are geared towards well-being. Therefore, every initiative we implement through physical wellness programs, positive psychology workshops, and volunteer work, is designed to not only promote a healthy and productive work environment, but also to actively contribute to everyone’s well-being. Those who interact with our organization. “We firmly believe that by investing in people, we not only strengthen our business, but also build a legacy of progress and shared prosperity that lasts over time.”

“With… With more than three decades of experience, Instituto Superior Cordillera stands out as an institution committed to the holistic well-being of its students and the community. Founded with the aim of promoting human development through education, our entity is based on the deep-rooted values ​​that have guided our path since 1987.

Our educational approach focuses on a pedagogy of love, creating a classroom environment that fosters not only academic knowledge, but also personal growth and a sense of connection. We realize that educating the heart is no less important than educating the mind. For this reason, our efforts focus not only on training good professionals, but also on training ethical citizens committed to their environment.

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Currently, Instituto Superior Universitario Cordillera has six campuses and continues to expand, positively impacting more than 7,000 students and their families. “We are proud to provide authentic, humane leadership that not only prepares our students for professional success, but also empowers them to be agents of change in society.”

Laura Chica, psychologist, coach, and writer, emphasized this in her presentation “I am an advocate of inner cohesion supported by self-knowledge. It is necessary to create an environment of psychological safety to enhance trust and commitment, and leaders must be facilitators of the safety environment. This approach not only promotes a positive and collaborative work environment, but also enhances individual and group self-confidence. I firmly believe that authentic leadership is essential to empowering and growing teams.

Angel Garinho, CEO of UVESCO Group, highlighted that: “In your sector, people are key, and we have redefined wellbeing by integrating food, nutrition and social work programmes, and we have provided training through a platform, with 65% of people who participate doing so voluntarily, outside of working hours. We invest in the continuous training and development of our employees, and promote participatory and committed leadership. UVESCO has adopted a scientific approach to wellbeing, developing models and methodologies to enhance the emotional and physical engagement of employees. This includes practices such as mindfulness, which not only improves individual performance, but also fosters a sense of community within the organisation.

You can watch the presentations on a deferred basis through the following link: 7th International Meeting on Organizational Well-Being – rhsaludable

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