Tricks for meeting CBP One at the US border

What is the immigrant experience with the CBP One mobile app and scheduling an interview? For many it takes months and for others only days. Here are some “tricks” and tips for your asylum interview at the US border.

Thousands of Cubans and other immigrants embark on a journey, often without return, in search of a better life in the United States. Their journey takes them to Mexico, where they register for the CBP One application and anxiously await their appointment.

This month, according to reports from social media groups, many migrants who have been waiting for nearly four months have received appointments, and others are still waiting for long and tedious times. The luckiest get them in just a few days. That’s why we recently explained how to manage appointments through the CBP One app in northern Mexico.

For those seeking asylum, the CBP One application becomes an essential tool. It allows you to schedule appointments, advance your application process, and take concrete steps toward legal entry into the United States.

CBP One Border Interview

Many people despair, but they must know that it is normal for some to get it first than others, because half of the appointments are in chronological order and the others are random, so yes, it is a matter of luck in many cases.

A Cuban immigrant wanted to share with us exclusively some “tricks” and tips and how he met them after several months of waiting in Mexico City.

Recent CBP statistics show that Cuban immigrants were among the groups that benefited the most. They have obtained permits to enter, reside, and work in the United States. Most of the beneficiaries so far are Venezuelans.

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Those Cubans who were in Mexico, waiting to be assigned to CBP One, expressed concerns about the questions American officials would ask them. There was uncertainty among them, as they did not have much information on this subject, but the main advice to this Cuban was to calm down, because the truth was that they only asked him one question.

Upon entering the office, this Cuban immigrant was surprised to notice his lack of interaction with… Customs and Border Protection Officer“They approve everyone,” the Cuban told us. After he replied that he was afraid to return to Cuba, the officer gave him the papers and approved his request, all within minutes.

Fast approvals and apparent fluidity of the process could indicate a positive change in interview dynamics, so now is the right time for this immigration route to the United States.

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