The UK lags behind in the fight against climate change – Prensa Latina

According to the report published by the independent entity on Wednesday, the country is at the mercy of heat waves, rain and even stronger warming because ministers are reluctant to act, due to the initial cost of infrastructure investments.

Julia King, chair of the subcommittee responsible for this area, confirmed that they believe they can postpone the amendments until tomorrow, but now is the time to take urgent action.

In the opinion of King, who holds the noble title of Baroness, the gravity of the risks facing the world today cannot be underestimated, and will not disappear even when the goal of reducing carbon emissions is reached, as with many implications. Already tangible in communities, nature and infrastructure.

He said the better we understand and prepare for the changes to come, the more opportunities the UK will have to protect its people, the economy and the environment.

The report recommended, for example, that the government ensure that homes are better protected from heat waves, by improving ventilation, after stating that in recent years more than half a million apartments have been built without proper standards.

The CCC stressed the need for ministers to be more aware of climate change when making decisions.

The Conservative government led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for its part, said many of the recommendations made by the independent body were already being implemented.

The report emerged as the UK prepares to host the United Nations climate conference, or COP26, next November in Glasgow, Scotland.


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