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Video shooting predictions for June 16th

* JAPAN-2021-2020-OLY-baseball-softball-virus-health-emic-emic: Baseball, men’s, women’s softball is played between two teams of 9 players each, on a court called “diamond” because of its shape. Videography about the rules of baseball and softball. 3D animation in video format. Format: 16.9. V021_9CB8GP

* Space sciences, astronomy and technology: 400 km from Earth is the International Space Station (ISS), which orbits the planet every 90 minutes at a speed of 28,000 km / h. Videography on the International Space Station. 3D animation in video format. Format: 16.9. V021_9CC9TZ

– China – France – Environment – Electricity – Nuclear pollution: A small number of damaged fuel rods have caused a buildup of radioactive gases at the Taishan nuclear power plant, Chinese authorities said Wednesday, ruling out any danger. Videography of the Taishan EPR nuclear power plant site. 3D animation in video format. Format: 16.9. V021_9C96BN

Other video images available:

– History of the Olympic Games (Japan-2021-2020-OLY-virus-epidemic-health; V021_9C86ZB)

– Olympic Stadiums Tokyo 2020 (OLY-2020-2021-Japan; V021_9C73R7)

– Total solar eclipse (astronomy – eclipse – science; V021_9BQ8R3)

Bitcoin (ElSalvador-policy-Economy-bitcoin; V021_9BQ8FZ)

– Sustainable City (Chile – Environment – Climate – C – Politics – United Nations;


– Lunar eclipse (Science-Australia-astronomy-eclipse; LunarEclipse2605VGRX_TES)

– Cyclones (India – Climate – Meteorology – Storm – Cyclone; V021_9AT3LA)

Football Big Data (Fbl-technology-science-fifa; FootballData2005VGRX_TES)

– Football player (Fbl; FootPlayer1805VGRX_TES)

– NASA’s Osiris-Rex probe returns to Earth (US-space-osiris-science-astronomy;


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