Haitian police on high alert due to increased insecurity – Prensa Latina

More than two weeks after the start of clashes between gangs for control of the southern entrance to Port-au-Prince, the leadership of the National Party of Human Rights announced the cancellation of all holidays, except for cases of illness, so that there would be a sufficient number of agents in the structures police.

Hostilities that began on 1 June forced around 8,500 people to flee their homes in Martissant, taking refuge in squares, churches or public sports centres.

Only in the Carrefour Sports Center, a town south of the capital, about 2,500 people took refuge, without access to basic services.

In addition to the events in Martissant, on 5 and 6 June armed gangs attacked police stations in Cite Soleil, Haiti’s largest deprived neighborhood, killing at least eight police officers.

In the same area, gangs took control of National Road 9 last weekend, and prevented the passage of cars. On Monday, a similar situation occurred on Airport Street.

Amid the worsening climate of insecurity, the G9 gang confederation and its allies allegedly threatened to kill activists of the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights.

The United Nations representative in the country condemned the events, noting that they contribute to the deterioration of civic space, while encouraging the government to protect human rights defenders.

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