The UK is already frustrating young Spaniards as a business destination

  • Hate crimes in the country rose by 8% from 2019 to 2020 as a result of the country’s exit from the European Union

With nearly 40% of unemployment among Less than 25 years old On SpainMany young people decide to try their luck United kingdom. Evo Siqueiros He is a computer engineer and his idea was to settle in the British capital. In a city like London There are very interesting offers, ”, he emphasizes. This wide range of functions, added to the possibility perfect english, has made the United Kingdom one of the favorite destinations for the youth of our country, especially to have First work experiences. “I finished my undergraduate degree, I had no idea what to do and career future It wasn’t good with the coronavirus.” Laura OlmedoShe is 22 years old and recently graduated in Journalism.

The internet is full of agencies or Facebook groups that offer UK jobs to Hispanic youth. However, the Brixi It made many think twice about it before leaving. Rafa Fernandez And her boyfriend are two young men who have given up on the idea of ​​spending a summer work In England due to the divorce of the United Kingdom with the European Union. “He has caused us so much suspicionWe didn’t know the impact of that.”

stable country

create the settlement and the pre-settlement status – Stable and pre-stable state – was master brake For those who, like Laura, planned to move in 2021” big wheel, They wanted me to leave from week to week,” asserts the young woman, who began looking for options in the fall. The need to have this document made Evo travel to the country in November. My plan was to move next month and with less than 24 hours There they gave you pre-settlement status‘ says the boy.

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The Europeans refused to move to United kingdom It is already observed in the country. In fact, the British broker telegraph Published on June 1 news that Tim Martin, a businessman and one of the main advocates of Brexit, asked Boris Johnson’s government to present The new visa regime Many companies may also have to close for it Staff shortage.

hate crimes

Another fear many young people had is the possibility of this happening حدوث Suffer from hate crimes for being Spanish. “The attitudes that a large British sector was taking towards the rest of Europe gave us a very bad feeling,” Rafa says. The young man also highlights the bias Southern countries -Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain- known as pigs, which is a pejorative term towards countries that The more he suffers from the crisis And the word makes a gamepigs” In English. “There is a certain thing Resentment toward Europeans This is the main reason I don’t feel like going,” says Ivo. Not because of Brexit, but because of the indignation it has caused,” he insists.

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The British government reported that hate crimes they increased by 8% from 2019 to 2020 in England and Wales. It direction It is growing by leaps and bounds since the Brexit vote. Already in 2016, BBC Warn that hate crimes based on race or religion have increased by a 41% And they haven’t stopped growing since then.

These are the reasons why young people are confused Other destinations. Rafa was assessing a possibility Try it in Austria. “What we really cared about the most is EnglishSorry. Ivo also explains that he was more interested in the London skyline.أفق big and cosmopolitanFor her part, Laura asserts that what she wants is to have a chance Live the experience abroad. “This year I would like to go to Dublin‘, he concludes.

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