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For the first time, the Faculty of Economics (FCE) awarded distinguished graduates and graduates for providing additional value that differentiates them in society, for promoting alternative pathways for adaptation to the new normal, and for their work in the past five years.

“This is an award that has been established with the participation of the entire community, alumni and alumni who recognize in their colleagues these qualities and those values, and who have made their mark on the college and on society,” said John Burretto, Dean of Economics. , at the opening of the awards ceremony that took place on Wednesday, June 16th.

After a close vote with significant participation from the entire FCE community, the Suma Awards were revealed and presented, which were for:

Stela Bee Dagum (Professional class): Argentine and Canadian economist and statistician, “Chiara Fama” Professor of Statistical Sciences at the University of Bologna.

Marcela Porporato (contribution to economic sciences)Investigate management control systems that are designed and implemented in disruptive environments.

Federico Gauna (Social Commitment)Entrepreneur in environmental issues. Introduction to “Social Recycling”.

Marcelo Bichara (Transformation Effect)From your company that promotes innovation and gender equality.

How it was made

The Dean was accompanied by Vice Dean Catalina Alberto, Extension Secretary, Juan Saff, and Alumni Network Coordinator Sergio Zin.

The latter provided details about the process involved in the first edition of the Soma Award: “The alumni nominated 77 fellows, telling us their stories, their accomplishments, and why they were highlighted. Then, with over 1,500 votes, those we award today were selected. The entire process for this first edition is From the award, which included the alumni community and faculty as a whole, it highlighted the bond of appreciation, affection, and commitment to our university.”

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