The President of Guatemala seeks to promote development in the Ixil people

At the event organized in the municipality of Nebaj, which is part of the ancestral culture along with Chagul and Quetzal, the President indicated the projection of comprehensive measures that recognize the inherent dignity of all people.

He noted that they had been working together for months to save democracy and stressed that the country would never forget the leadership of the indigenous people and the Ixil people who took to the streets.

The head of state noted that they led Guatemalan society and allowed them to “prevent the corrupt from once again mocking the people and stealing elections from us.”

He thanked the people of Ixelles and their authorities, who, minutes before the 65-year-old politician spoke, ratified, raising their baton, the document that includes all the activities and needs of the three municipalities.

Arevalo expressed that he came to listen to learn, understand and know what needs to be done and how they can work as a government in order to address the big problems of the people of Ixil.

He considered that they are the product of a lot of forgetfulness, marginalization, discrimination and a lot of racism over 500 years.

He stated that these accumulated needs will not be resolved within four years, but “we will lay the foundations for the future,” the Guatemalan president stressed.

The Central American region's presidential duo of Arevalo and Karen Herrera took office on January 14 until 2028 with multiple challenges and the promise of a new spring.


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