The Norwegian way to reduce stress by creating moments of happiness

A few years ago, psychologist From Stanford Carrie Leibovitz He spent a year investigating the relationship between… winter and happiness In small Norwegian city: Tromsø. It was about one An island with a population of 70 thousand people It is located more than 200 miles north Arctic Circle. Tromsø’s location is so extreme that they face two months of disruption every year Polar night Or days without sun, from November to January. The reason is the population of this area Norway is very happyEven despite the winter, it sounds in one word: koselig.

What is it koselig Norwegian

according to writer Norway Ingrid Obstad“,”koselig It is a concept deeply rooted in us Norwegian culture“. he explains Arne CrossExpert in Scandinavian language“It can describe a house, a situation, a meal, a conversation, or a person.” What it conveys is “A Feeling safe, warm and well-being“.For Upstad, the koselig “He is, in many ways, Norwegian version of He will come Because both concepts have to do with feeling comfortable and finding Joy in the little things. Where I think that koselig Different from He will come is that he focuses more on Social sideas well as in Connecting with nature and the outdoors“.

he koselig Helps reduce daily stress

Leibovitz explains that Mentality koselig consists in Make the most of a bad situationAnd find a way toCommunicate with opportunities From this moment on for more reflection and deeper meaning Stronger social relationships and bonds“. a result Studies conducted by Stratford psychologist They will be published in their first book: How to Winterize: Harness your mindset to embrace all seasons of life (Penguin Random House, 2024). Combining Scientific evidence Through cultural seeing, Carey offers concrete strategies for learning to see Winter is a time of joy and opportunity. By doing so, you can develop that ability that will make you see and find possibilities even in the world The most difficult stages of life.

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3 keys to mental exercise koselig

Somehow, what? Psychologist Leibovitz What explains it is that we have Mentality It plays a very important role in the way we are We face life situations. This is what happens with koseling. the The ability of Norwegians to find Happy moments In the cold and the dark, it’s a matter of mentality positive. Not in the sense Seeing the glass as half full But See the glass as half full and half empty, as it really is. This mindset helps them to be one of The happiest countries in the world. If you are interested in practicing koseligYou can do this in these three ways:

  1. Reduce stress by living in the present At full capacity (even if it’s cold). Instead of suffering and complaining about what we don’t have or comparing ourselves to what others have, we can Enjoy noticing if we have.
  2. Reduce stress by moving your body. Moving is key to mental and physical health. in Norway There is a saying: ““There is no bad weather, just bad clothes.”. You will always find them outdoors enjoying nature.
  3. Reduce stress with good company. Look for company to make moments sublime. It’s good relationships that really contribute to our success happiness And our degree Satisfaction with life.

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