Ukraine.- The UK places in Avdiivka the “most intense fighting” of the Ukraine-Spain conflict

Last week, the Avdiivka area, located in the Ukrainian Donetsk region, witnessed the “heaviest fighting” currently taking place between Ukrainian and Russian forces, according to British intelligence services.

On some days, 40% of clashes reported by Ukrainian authorities occur in this area, although the front appears relatively stagnant and neither side has made significant progress in recent weeks.

Russian attacks rely mainly on attacks by infantry units, often carried out by punitive units known as “Z-Storms,” barely experienced reservists whom Moscow turns to in high-risk operations.

For their part, Ukrainian forces were able to strengthen part of their counterattacks, which for example prevented Russian forces from controlling the town of Stepov, according to the British report issued by the Ministry of Defense on Monday.

British experts indicated that controlling Stepov would be essential in Russia’s efforts to establish a barrier that would increase the possibility of controlling Avdiivka and its industrial zone.

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