Historical achievement: Accreditation of the doctoral program in science with a specialization in chemistry for 9 years

As an unprecedented milestone, Doctoral Program in Sciences with Chemistry at the University of Concepcion It has achieved the distinction of accreditation for 9 years, as assessed by accreditation standards in force until 2023. This achievement is of particular importance, taking into account that at the national level, only one doctoral program holds the maximum accreditation of 10 years, while four Others only have 9 years of accreditation. In addition, this program becomes the first at the University of Concepcion to receive this recognition.

The comprehensive evaluation addressed various aspects, from the conceptual definition and institutional context to the characteristics and outcomes of the programme, its academic body, support resources and capacity for self-regulation. The demonstrated strengths of the programme, such as a highly productive academic staff and students who have achieved outstanding achievements in productivity, internships and academic integration at the national and international level, were key factors that contributed to this success.

Highlighting its commitment to quality, the program has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement through self-evaluation and accreditation processes dating back to 1996 without interruption. Since its establishment in 1974 as the first doctoral program at the University of Concepcion and the second in the field of chemistry in Chile, the program has persevered in its dedication to academic excellence.

“This significant achievement reflects the unwavering commitment of the college and our graduates, who have dedicated tireless efforts to achieving excellence in the academic field. Since its founding in 1974, with the support of the prestigious German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD, our program has achieved significant milestones by betting on internationalization in its enrollment, internship and cooperation processes, thus forging a rich history of joint graduation and shared successes. said program director Dr. Gina Beachy.

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“This success has been achieved not only as a result of the efforts of current faculty and students, but also of the efforts of alumni who contributed to the self-evaluation cases. The University of Concepcion strongly supports this achievement, which is evident in the ongoing support it provides Faculty of Chemical Sciences, Program Committee and Postgraduate Management (DIRPOST) and Directorate of Strategic Development (DDE). This institutional support has been key to maintaining the program's excellence. said the Head of the Institutional Quality Assurance Unit at the Dubai Diamond Exchange, Viviana Ulloa Giuffre.

The 9-year accreditation is a major recognition at national and international level, reaffirming the commitment of the Doctor of Science with a Specialization in Chemistry at the University of Concepcion to academic excellence and the continuous contribution to research and training of highly qualified professionals. Trained. This achievement not only celebrates the past of the programme, but also serves as a strong incentive for future students, including those from other countries, to join this distinguished institution to continue their higher education.

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