They open the impossible door in Super Mario 64

In the world of retro gaming, new secrets are always being discovered, especially regarding glitches, and in reality Super Mario 64 It lends itself to revealing details that go unnoticed by some users. Recently, it was discovered that it was possible to open a door that was considered impossible to pass through, and they even captured it on video.

The exact location is the small cabin Cold cold mountainA world full of snow and penguins. The door in question is the cabin door at the bottom, as you can leave the place by falling down the slide, but it is impossible to return to it using said door. However, they used glitches to achieve the goal, and even provided a detailed explanation of how to achieve it.

Here you can see it:

As it is clear, the user places the characters in an angle from which they can take advantage of collisions, to finally enter the building in question, and since it is not an action programmed to happen in the video game, there are times when whoever enters a room is completely empty. Although this is partly disappointing, the game community is very happy with this historical discovery.

Remember that Super Mario 64 It is available online Nintendo Switch.

via: The era of the icon

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Diary: These secrets that different gaming communities are discovering are absolutely amazing. And I hope the door does something to save a few minutes of quick running.

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