The NBA Finals and the Dominican Community in Boston

After New York, Boston has the largest Dominican community in the United States. Its residents also feel like heroes The NBA Finals The Celtics play the Golden State Warriors.

Credit goes to Al Horford

Al Horford, a star who represents an entire town, is credited with being the first basketball player from the Dominican Republic who was able to fight on the ring in the final round of the playoffs.

“We are very excited, not only in the community here in the United States, but in the Republic, and all the Dominicans scattered around the world,” Hector Peña, owner of ‘Merengue’, a Dominican favorite, told EFE on Thursday. Horford in the Dominican community of Foxbury, southeast of Boston.

Horford, 36, is one of the Celtics’ greatest captains, is loved by his teammates and respected by his rivals, and with his impressive performances he has given the Celtics back some. The NBA Finals Twelve years after the last time.

Horford is an example of humility

Alhorford He is a very humble person, he is calm, he speaks kindly, he is the type who listens more than he says,” said Peña, who has known the Dominican striker for many years.

“He is a completely normal person, meaning that you sit with him and do not think that you are sitting with a star but with an acquaintance. This is how it is dealt with, anyone who asks for a picture, without any problem. I think it is his upbringing.”

Peña was born in the Dominican Republic, moved to the United States in 1986, and seven years later, opened Merengue. Initially small, with only four tables, it expanded to become the standard for traditional Dominican food for elite athletes and politicians.

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Ozuna and Pujols also live in Dominican society

Two walls of the restaurant are dedicated to portraits of Hector with stars such as Pablo Ozuna, Julian Uribe, Bobby Abreu, Willy Mo Peña, Miguel Cabrera or Albert Pujols, among many others.

“A lot of Latin athletes (former baseball player) come in. David Ortiz He is one of our favorite customers. Politicians come too, past presidents like Danilo Medina and Lionel Fernandez, who were Dominican presidents. Scarlett Abreu, a Dominican in Bani, who has lived in Boston since 2012, said:

She is one of Merengue’s oldest workers, having worked there for over nine years.

“Rice and beans, Dominicans are always on the lookout for traditional dishes, meats, salads, and tripe. David Ortiz Always ask for “Spaghettis con salami,” which is usually the stuff they always order, typical Dominican food,” she says, asking which dishes are most requested by her athletic clientele.

Best Horford ever

Against the Warriors who used to get to this point, having made it six times in the past eight years, the Celtics are opposed to the strength of their organization and defensive commitment and Horford, who plays perhaps the best basketball of his career, allowed them to lead 2-1 in the series thanks to a 116-100 achieved on Wednesday.

He never forgets his countrymen.

“It’s special how people enjoy the team. I’m in touch with the community for sure. I have a list of restaurants, but I don’t know if I’ll share it (laughs). There’s a lot, there’s a very good community up north in Lawrence,” Horford said at a recent press conference.

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“As a kid I was excited, watching the Bulls play in the finals, and dreaming about having a chance one day while living in it. I’m enjoying the moment. I know I represent the people and the many Dominican players who came before me and allowed them to be in this position.”

Alongside him, thousands of Dominicans around the world share the dream of seeing their flag triumph in the NBA.

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