The Lula da Silva Debate on the formation of the Broad Front in Rio de Janeiro

Lola da SilvaAnd the The formation of a wide foreheadAnd the Rio de Janeiro

BRAZILIA, May 4 – Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva arrived here Monday, where he discussed with MP Marcelo Frixo of the Party for Socialism and Freedom of the formation of a broad front in Rio de Janeiro in 2022.

“Really in Brasilia. I just met a colleague MarceloFreixo. We are talking about the future of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, ”Lula wrote on social networks, along with a photo of the meeting.

He explained that they addressed “the urgent need to provide urgent aid in the amount of 600 riyals (about 108 dollars) to combat the creep of hunger and the return of misery to our country.”

For his part, Freixo shared the same picture with the following message: “I was with LulaOficial in Brasilia to talk about setting up a rescue project in Brazil and RJ (Rio de Janeiro)”.

He pointed out that “the time has come to join efforts to ensure that all Brazilians have a vaccine in the arm, food on the plate, and hope for the future.”

The famous sociologist Amir Sader mentioned in his column that the founder of the PT will spend a week in this capital meeting with political forces that have been orphaned by the failure of the current government headed by Jair Bolsonaro and its abandonment of any leadership perspective. From Brazil Gate 247.

He commented that the former labor leader “is not a substitute for the left, nor for the forces of the center and the right. Lula is the alternative to Brazil, as a country, as a nation. “

Sadr explained that the former president would exchange with leaders of the organizations from the left, center and right, “with some of them ruling and others confused, searching for a horizon for their parties.”

As some realize, you can’t compare what the country’s former union leader represents and what Bolsonaro could do, the columnist said.

He said, “The latter came to demolish what was built and there is still a democracy, a state, political credibility for the presidency, a harmonious coexistence to a minimum between the three powers of the republic.”

He continued: It destroyed what was left of the economic process, through the volatile situations, between privatization and the collapse of the state apparatus.

The sociologist stressed that “in this scenario, Lula does not appear as an alternative from the left, and not as a substitute for a group of political forces, but as the only alternative for the reconstruction and rescue of Brazil.”

After the Supreme Court annulled his rulings, the former president regained his political rights and could run for power in the 2022 elections. (PL)

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